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Why A Rebounder Is Better Than A Treadmill

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If you like the idea of working out at home, you might be doing various calisthenics but feel ready to make a change. The next logical step will be to shop for a piece of fitness gear that can support your workouts. There are lots of products available, and you may find that you've narrowed down your choices to a rebounder mini trampoline and a treadmill. While there's no denying that a treadmill can be a good product for lots of people, you may find that a rebounder is a better option for you. Here are three reasons to choose a rebounder over a treadmill for your workouts at home.

Less Space

A rebounder takes up considerably less space than a treadmill, which makes it a good workout product in spaces that are small. If you have an apartment or condo in which there isn't a large amount of floor space, you may find that using a treadmill simply consumes too much room. For example, this device could feel as though it's taking up a third of your living room. A rebounder, meanwhile, has a significantly smaller footprint, which can work well in confined areas. When you fold the legs up, the rebounder also takes up less space when you store it.


In general, a rebounder offers a safer workout experience than a treadmill. A lot of people have trouble on treadmills. If your stride is too long while you run, it's easy for your back foot to slip off the belt and cause you to fall — possibly sustaining an injury. When you use a rebounder, you'll typically feel very confident about your safety. If you're just simply jumping or jogging in place, it's highly unlikely that you'll do anything that leads to an injury.

More Variety

When you work out on a treadmill, you can generally do just two things: walk or run. While this might be sufficient for some people, there are many active individuals who like the idea of being able to vary their workouts more. A rebounder allows you to enjoy a considerable variety in your workouts. Not only can you bounce, walk, and jog, but you can also perform virtually any type of movement you can think up. For example, perhaps you want to try a certain dance move, or maybe you want to perform some movements that you've tried in an aerobics class.

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