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Three Tips To Stand Out On A Fitness Dating App

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Not all dating sites are able to get you to your end goal of securing a date, and it can be really hard if your life is driven by fitness. Using a fitness focused dating app like Datetivity helps target people that have a lot of same values that you do. However, navigating dating waters is always a little tricky, so it pays to have a few tips in your pocket to attract the person you're after.

Use Your Pictures To Communicate Things About You

Your picture in an app does a lot more than just show what you look like. Due to the profiles in dating apps being so short it can be hard to convey who you really are. Use your pictures to convey key information, like if you have a child or a pet. You can also use your profile pictures to show potential dates what activities you like to do. Also, avoid sunglasses in your photos. Sunglasses cover a lot of your face and can make it hard to make a good first impression.

Your Bio Is Short Say A Lot

Your bio on a fitness dating app has to do two things, convey who you are and your fitness interests. This is your time to shine by using a poem or some jokes to represent who you are. You also want to include short bits of information that identifies your specific fitness lifestyle. Use keywords like paleo, yoga, or weightlifting to help someone decide if your lifestyles are similar enough to try for a date.

It's also important to remember not everyone's idea of fitness is the same. Some people may be more strict with their fitness routines, while others may be more lax than you enjoy. Be sure to fill out any questions your fitness app provides to help demonstrate your fitness lifestyle. You may want to put a question of your own at the end of your bio to help get the conversation going.

Link Profiles

If given the option in the dating app, you should link your social media profiles. However, you should use some security precautions. Make sure sensitive information like your jogging routes or anything similar is set to private or so only your friends can see. Linking your social media profiles is a great way to expand on your short bio and let someone see more of the activities you're interested in. Your social media profiles can expand on your fitness lifestyle so someone can see if they're a good match for you.