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Even If You Don't Plan To Teach, You'll Benefit From Taking Yoga Teacher Training

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Many people who are passionate about yoga and wish to eventually teach private or group classes must first complete a teacher training program with an accredited school. If you enjoy practicing yoga, both at home on your own and at your local yoga center, getting certified as a teacher might be appealing to you—even if you never plan to actually teach. Completing yoga teacher training has several benefits to those who don't plan to teach this ancient practice, although they'll always able to do so upon changing their minds. Here are some ways that you'll benefit from this training even if teaching isn't your plan.

You'll Deepen Your Understanding of How to Connect Poses

The average yoga practitioner will learn how to perform one pose, then another, and then another. While there's nothing inherently wrong with performing a series of poses back to back, you'll be able to take a better approach when you go through yoga teacher training. Much of what you'll learn is how to string a series of poses together so that you can move seamlessly from one to another. This will increase the fluidity of your practice, which may help you to get more out of it.

You May Notice Personality Changes

When you go through the lengthy teacher training program, you'll be so immersed in the yoga community and lifestyle that you may notice your personality begin to change for the better. For example, you might begin to feel calmer and more patient, and more able to deal with stress in a healthier manner. Those who lead these programs tend to have admirable personalities, thanks in part to their many hours of study over a series of years. Even if you never teach yoga, you'll soon appreciate the person you're becoming as a result of this training.

You'll Develop Valuable Contacts

Some people enjoy signing up for yoga teacher training with a friend. However, if you enroll in a program on your own, you'll develop some valuable contacts in the local yoga community. Even if you never plan to teach—and you may find that some other students have the same approach as you—you'll likely gravitate toward some of your fellow students. Once you've all received your certification, you may wish to even take some classes that your fellow students will eventually be offering. If not, you can pledge to get together privately and practice yoga.

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