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4 Reasons Volleyball Is A Great Activity For Girls

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Organized sports can be great for kids of all ages. It gives them the opportunity to have fun, learn a skill, and exercise their bodies all at the same time. There are many different sports to choose from. Your child's interests, strengths, and willingness to commit will determine which sport is best for her. Basketball, soccer, and softball are all viable options, but here are four reasons volleyball is a great activity for girls:

1. Keep your child busy after school.

Getting your child involved in after school activities can keep her out of trouble. It can also give her something to do while she waits for you to pick her up after you finish work. Just find a girls' volleyball sports club  that meets in the afternoon on weekdays.

2. Make exercise part of your child's life.

Obesity is a very real problem in the United States, and doctors agree that healthy lifestyles are the key to preventing it. Children learn habits when they're young, and these habits will follow them for the rest of their lives. Make sure to instill good habits in your child, including routine exercise. Teach your child that exercise can be fun and exciting by signing her up for a volleyball club.

3. Teach your child assertiveness.

Some girls are naturally shy, especially when they're young. While this can be a natural part of their personality, excessive shyness can hold your daughter back from key opportunities in life. Playing volleyball on a regular basis can give your girl confidence and help her to become more assertive. She'll learn to communicate effectively with her teammates and make decisive plays on the court, which can translate to similar skills in everyday life.

4. Help your child bond with other girls.

Strong family relationships are important, but children also benefit from friendships with their peers. Between homework and all the courses your child needs to take at school, she may not have much time to socialize in a school setting. Volleyball club will introduce your child to other girls her own age. She'll have the opportunity to bond with her teammates, so she can make friends and learn valuable social skills.

Children these days spend more time than ever on their computers and phones. Get your child out of the house by signing her up for a girl's volleyball club. She'll learn a new sport, hone her skills, and have a great time doing it.