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Three Ways To Keep From Gaining Weight This Winter

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If you're like many people, you really enjoy autumn for a variety of reasons. The summer heat is over, but it's still warm enough to make being outdoors pleasant most of the time. Seasonal foods are also becoming ripe, and it won't be long before the holidays are here. Autumn doesn't come without a few negatives, however — you probably don't need a medical expert to tell you that many people tend to gain weight during autumn. Besides the harvest season bringing tasty treats to the table, days are shorter, and people are spending more time indoors, which may lead to snacking in front of the television. 

You probably already know that resisting seasonal goodies is much easier to say than do, and you may even tell yourself that gaining weight in autumn is inevitable. Nonetheless, you can still take precautions against the pounds creeping up on you. Keep in mind that extra food intake isn't the only thing that causes seasonal weight gain. It's important to remain active as well — remember that calories you burn won't be able to be turned into fat. Following are three great ways to enjoy a reasonable amount of seasonal fare without having to replace your wardrobe with items of larger sizes. 

Get Outside

As mentioned previously, physical activity levels tend to decline during autumn and winter, which adds another obstacle in the battle of the bulge. Going for a brisk walk around the park or other outdoor environment works wonders for the waistline and also offers the added benefit of making you most resilient to seasonal illnesses such as colds and flu. Unlike joining a gym or taking fitness classes, walking is also free. 

Join a Volleyball Team

Volleyball is a fun indoor sport that provides a complete cardiovascular workout, and the competition aspect will help keep you engaged — you'll be less likely to decide to skip a volleyball session if your teammates are counting on you to help achieve a victory over the other team.

Participate in an Online Bikini Body Program 

Most people begin frantically trying to get their bodies in bikini shape a few weeks before the official start of summer, but imagine having a head start of almost nine months to work on your beach body. You can participate in an online bikini body program in the privacy of your home. You'll look and feel great, and everyone will wonder what your secret is to avoiding winter weight gain.